Biden Readies Pool Pump Mandate That Will Cost Industry BILLIONS

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 17, 2023
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A few years ago, leftists served up one of their new dishes in the seemingly endless cafeteria line of postmodern-woke-Marxist-sexist terminology. It was called “mansplaining” and, though it reflected the reverse-sexist, prejudiced mentality of its users, it also drew from a well-grounded, universal source. Most of us don’t like being talked down to, patronized, and told what to do – especially when the “'splainer” claims it’s for our own good.

Yet, this is what government does through so-called “regulations” and “rules” and “mandates” every day.

So, for the sake of argument, imagine in this report that we replace “Biden Administration” with “Group of Mansplaining Guys” and we replace “Pool Pump Makers and Buyers” with “Women.” And then ask yourself if you think the response from leftists might be a little different than either the silence or the “greenie” applause they might otherwise offer for a mafia-style “mandate” like this.

Because, indeed, this isn’t just “mansplaining” - it’s mandating.

Our new tale of assumptive government “control” comes to us via OPlaneta’s Alec Donaldson, and pertains to a narrow field in the economy, pool pumps. Writes Donaldson:

“The Biden administration has formalized a new regulation aimed at enhancing the energy efficiency of specific pool pump motors.”

All of which is terminology we easily can decipher.

Similar in manner to how the Biden Department of Energy used their “we’re going to save you energy and money” rationale to supposedly justify their ban on one of the most effective and important inventions of all time – the incandescent light bulb – they also have assumptive plans for you who might buy a pump for your pool and for those who might make and sell them to you.

To “enhance energy efficiency,” of course.

Note that in the goods-for-payment exchange, both parties are free to figure out what serves them best – price, energy efficiency, power, projected longevity, noise, size, and many other factors that might be similar to or different from those of other market participants. The only “player” here who is not part of a voluntary agreement is… the government, the agents of which intend to use their unconstitutional positions to force the other parties to comply.

Why doesn’t this upset more folks? If the “regulators” all were men, and their targets all were women, would leftists speak up? Or would they be too conflicted to act?

Adds Donaldson:

“These standards will be mandatory for manufacturers to adhere to beginning in September 2025. Pool pump motors are the latest appliances to come under the administration's regulatory focus, as the DOE has already pursued updates to energy efficiency standards for items such as water heaters and portable gas generators.”

All of which simply means that the DOE already has issued threats of government violence against other people trying to peacefully offer products to willing buyers in other fields.

Let’s say the parties were not “mansplainers” versus “women.”

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What if the people being targeted were novelists, and the feds planned on telling the writers which words worked best in their intended tales? Would leftists speak up then?

Given their shocking acceptance of, and support for, government-social-media connected speech controls, it’s likely that their leftist answers would be situational, based not on principle, but on what kind of message were being targeted.

Often, principles are overlooked, and things get very “situational,” or the folks witnessing government aggression will avoid looking at the only thing that needs to be considered – that being whether people are free or not – and will wrap their arms around the purported “outcome” that the government pushers claim their “plans” will produce.

As Donaldson notes:

“While the pool pump motors rule is projected to incur equipment costs of at least $2.6 billion over its lifetime for consumers, the DOE anticipates that it will result in nearly $8 billion in operational cost savings.”

First, but least important, when reading these claims, why should anyone trust the government?

If the government were a business, promising to give pool pump owners greater efficiency if they buy their new product, the government apparatchiks could be held liable for fraud and/or would lose business if their promises proved unbelievable. But the government has no competition, and, as a result, it has no incentive to offer reliable promises or compensation for its mistakes. It will go on, regardless of our satisfaction, demanding whatever it desires.

And why should anyone believe their next frivolous claim?

“Additionally, the rule is expected to deliver $2 billion in health benefits and $2 billion in climate benefits, as documented in the Federal Register.”

Health benefits? Climate benefits?

First of all, none of this “Anthropogenic Climate Change” rhetoric means anything. None of it is based on any solid, verified data. DOE doesn’t present any, and the idea that the use of fossil fuels is causing a man-made “climate problem” is not substantiated by any truly defendable data. Even the claim that carbon-dioxide drives higher temps is disputed by honest researchers who have noticed that citations of temp and CO2 going back to the Middle Ages actually see temps rise approximately 800 years prior to cited increases in atmospheric carbon-dioxide.

Second, and far more important than any pie-in-the-sky numbers or causal assumptions the Biden gang present, is the fundamental principle of leaving people alone. The only way we can tell what kinds of “improvements” people want, and WHEN they might be ready to adopt them, is to let THEM decide. If the feds are so sure of the savings and goodness that their mandates will provide, why MANDATE them? Why not leave government and offer their ideas in the free market?

And that gets us to the final point, which only applies to these blowhards in the government, itself.

They swear oaths to the U.S. Constitution. And the U.S. Constitution not only doesn’t allow them to do this to innocent people trying to buy and sell danged pool pumps, the U.S. Constitution doesn’t allow for the existence of the Department of Energy and most other executive “regulatory” agencies in the first place.

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For reference, take note of what the “Father of the Bill of Rights,” James Madison, said about the clause these federal fakirs misuse in order to hit us with their mandates. It’s the “Interstate Commerce Clause,” found in Article One, Section Eight, of the Constitution, and, as Michael Maharrey writes for the Tenth Amendment Center, Madison “explained the intent of the commerce clause in a letter to J. C. Cabell dated February 13, 1825” and telling Cabell, that the clause:

“…was intended as a negative and preventative provision against injustice amongst the states themselves, rather than as a power to be used for the positive purposes of the General Government.”

In other words, it was intended to be a provision allowing the feds to remediate disputes between states that might impose trade barriers against each other, not to be a provision allowing the feds to engage in fascistic threats against peaceful people who just want to be left alone.

Donaldson notes that, “The United States boasts over 8.5 million residential pools, with approximately 200,000 new swimming pools constructed annually, according to Energy Star…”

Why can’t the politicians leave them alone?

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