Al Gore: Social Media 'Algorithms' Should Be Banned - For Questioning Climate Change, of Course

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 17, 2023
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Al Gore has done yeoman’s work maintaining his reputation as a stuffy, arrogant, faux intellectual who has no qualms about telling people he will use the force of government to mess with their peaceful lives.

Everything from rock music to the internal combustion engine has been in his collectivist crosshairs, to the point where, just over a week ago, as he stepped in and out of the air-conditioned limelight at COP28 in Dubai, Gore had the gall to claim that you lowlifes who spread what he calls “misinformation” on social media are handling word-weapons like of AR-15s.

And, of course, since Gore also has exhibited utter contempt for the right to self-defense, his implication is that freedom of speech and the aforementioned AR-15 are both dangerous and should be targeted by government guns.

But Gore’s use of the internet to push the idea of stifling speech on said internet, his use of private jets to attend air-conditioned gatherings of mostly government officials who only get their cash via taking it off the productive capacity of people in the market (people who, generally, use natural gas, coal, and oil as resources, and who use the internal combustion engine to do most of their traveling), Gore’s selective “warm-up” to certain “special” rockers, such as Bono Vox, of U2, if said rockers are sufficiently “positive” about Gore’s climate scam, all of these might pale in comparison to something that a few folks remembered this month as Al blathered about a “Climate” bogeyman.

A bogeyman about which he has been consistently wrong, and/or, consistently deceptive.

First, let’s recall a few examples of how wrong and deceptive Gore has been.

As most of us know, in 2006, he released a film called “An Inconvenient Truth,” which not only made so many errant claims about the climate and so-called “greenhouse gasses” that, in 2007, a British barrister ruled it propagandistic and required notices of its errors if teachers were going to show it in government-run schools, it also utilized the infamous “hockey stick graph” that, as I’ve discussed for MRCTV, climate fearmonger Michael Mann created, and which contains deceits which Mann has not addressed.

And Gore also has made numerous predictions about the coming Climate Armageddon that, shocker, never have come to pass.

Heck, it’s become such a pantomime play that Gore recently attributed a worldwide “mental health crisis” to… you got it, young people worrying about the coming-but-not-really-coming “Climate Apocalypse.”

The grist of the grift is not new. Writing for Forbes a decade ago, economics professor Larry Bell reminded and warned people about Gore and his “green” investment partner David Blood (a team that can be known as “Blood and Gore”). Among many salient observations, Bell pointed to Gore’s evident hypocrisy in selling his 20 percent stake in cable upstart “Current TV” to the oil barons of Qatar who also owned Al Jazeera, and Bell noted the not-so-rosy road ahead for sketchy “solar,” “wind,” and other so-called “investment opportunities” such as “Carbon Credit” trading that would not hold their own without, of course, government subsidies and mandates to force the market to embrace such idiotic schemes.

In February of this year, Ariel Zilber wrote for the New York Post about the fact that Blood and Gore’s firm was not “toeing the climate line” that they, themselves want to force on others for no ethical, moral, constitutional, scientific, or economic reason. In part, she noted:

“The ‘green-friendly’ investment firm co-founded and run by former Vice President Al Gore, 74, owns a portfolio of more than $26 billion worth of shares in nearly two dozen companies that were found to have increased greenhouse gas emissions in recent years, according to a report.

Gore, whose Oscar-winning film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ cemented his status as the most prominent doomsayer on climate change, chairs the London-based Generation Investment Management, which touts a ‘stated emphasis on sustainable investment options.’”

The analysis came thanks to some diligent folks at Bloomberg, and Zilber laid it out well:

“But a recent analysis by Bloomberg News found that Generation’s Global Equity fund, which numbers a total of 42 companies, includes 18 firms which emitted increasingly more greenhouse gases annually between 2015 and 2021.

Bloomberg ranked Generation, which has $40.4 billion worth of assets under its management, as among the companies that owned the greatest share of greenhouse gas-emitting firms when compared to other funds that placed a priority on so-called ESG — environmental, social and governance — investing.”

Historical moments like this -- as COP 28 sees the self-appointed “Climate Cops” sneering at us little people -- demand reminders of this kind of fact-lacking, rights-trampling gangsterism, and right now, it seems that only conservative and libertarian-leaning publications and writers are doing so.

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In fact, at this important time, we can tip the proverbial journalistic hat to people such as State of the Union’s Claire O’Hare, who briefly mentioned Gore’s corporate hypocrisy and who referred to another exposer of double-standards, Peter Schweizer, who has been doing just this on his video platform, called “The Drill Down.”

Speaking specifically about Blood and Gore’s firm, “Generation,” Schweizer recently observed:

“And when you look at the biggest holdings in the investment portfolio of his investment firm – Microsoft, Amazon, Applied Materials, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Trane Technologies – these are tech firms, these are construction firms. There is not a ‘renewable’ energy company to be found.”

Nor is there a shred of integrity.

But there is a lot of “public-private” fascism, and one more item to add to the mix.

In another piece for MRCTV, soon to be published, I will describe the coming problem of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) paying private firms to spy on “gas emitters.”

That piece focuses on one of the biggest in the vampiric vanguard, a company called “Carbon Mapper,” which uses, and will use, planes and, possibly, satellites, to surveil us and sell the collected “emissions data” to the EPA. The EPA then will fine people and businesses, sans warrants, sans trials, and without any real person making a tortious claim for injuries and proving the “climate” claim in court.

Lo and behold, Gore is involved, as well. Back in November of 2022, I reported for MRCTV, and NPR noted, that Gore had laid down a stack of cash to help establish the “non-profit” “greenhouse gas” tracker/website called “Climate Trace,” which will collect this private spy info and make it available to “regulators” and, potentially, to “woke” “investment firms” that want to blacklist other corporations they can depict as not “climate sensitive.”

Of course, Gore has not proven a catastrophic change in global temperature going back hundreds or thousands of years, and no one has proven a causal relationship between human activity and any kind of claimed “looming climate disaster.”

But, as it was in George Orwell’s novel, “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” politicians and their cronies don’t care about facts. If they want to claim “two plus two is five,” they will do so with impunity and without a hint of shame.

Because, for them, all that matter are political power and politically-tied cash.

Those are the only things they seem to think they need in order to force you to comply.

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