Osama bin Laden's Brother Warns His Nephew Not to Be Like His Father

Nick Kangadis | August 3, 2018
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If you thought the U.S. was done with the name bin Laden, think again. The son of Osama bin Laden is being groomed to assume the role his father left behind upon his death as the leader of al Qaeda.

But there’s both an upside and downside to this news. Hamza’s uncle, Hassan bin Laden, is speaking out against Hamza’s growing role in the terrorist organization, a position that's already earned Hamza the U.S. designation of “global terrorist.”

Hassan told the Guardian:

We thought everyone was over this. Then the next thing I knew, Hamza was saying, ‘I am going to avenge my father.’ I don’t want to go through that again. If Hamza was in front of me now, I would tell him, ‘God guide you. Think twice about what you are doing. Don’t retake the steps of your father. You are entering horrible parts of your soul.’

Those statements from a member of the bin Laden family that's concerned about what the future might hold for the 29-year-old Hamza are absolutely chilling.

Not only is Hassan correct in not wanting to go through what the turmoil of being related to the most wanted man in the world, but will the U.S. have to further raise its guard against what could possibly be worse hatred than we’ve seen before carried out against it?

Fox News noted that Hamza’s 12-year-old son was reportedly killed in January during an airstrike along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Hamza allegedly said that his son died a “martyr.”

If you’re in Hamza’s shoes — which I hope no one ever is — and you’ve seen lived through both your father and your son dying at the hands of “infidels,” would that be all the motivation you need to follow in the sinister footsteps of said father?

The date September 11, 2001 changed the U.S. — and most likely the world — forever, and not necessarily for the better. There was the world before 9/11 and the world after 9/11. Let’s just hope that history won't repeat itself.