O’Reilly on Election Day: The People Revolted, ‘Delivered Vast Power to a Maverick Political Novice’

Monica Sanchez | November 9, 2016
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Wednesday night on “The Factor,” host Bill O’Reilly discussed Election Day and Donald Trump’s subsequent victory over his opponent Hillary Clinton.

He said that the American people revolted against the system, resulting in a President-elect with no prior political experience.

“The people revolt; Trump wins,” he began. “In perhaps the most stunning political story in American history, the folks rejected corruption and unfair federal policies, and delivered vast power to a maverick political novice who is promising to treat working Americans with respect.”

O’Reilly criticized the Democratic Party for waging an “arrogant campaign that justified Hillary Clinton’s incredible record of ethical deficiencies."

He added that the American people clearly “have had enough” of the corruption in Washington.

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