Oregonians Protest Gov. Kate Brown's Executive Order that Extends State of Emergency Through July 6

Nick Kangadis | May 5, 2020
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Will there be no end to the exertion of the government placing their figurative thumbs over our lives? It's understandable that some politicians legitimately fear the spread of COVID-19, but it might just be time to begin opening certain aspects of every day life back up.

Oregon residents will probably have to wait a little bit longer, according to Oregon Live. As you'll see later on, Oregonians aren't just accepting it.

Democratic Governor Kate Brown signed an executive order late last week that extends Oregon's state of emergency through July 6. The order was originally scheduled to end on Thursday, May 7, but Brown gave the go-ahead to extend the state of emergency before it expired.

Brown's order does leave the door open for her to open the state back up "earlier" or to be "extended" depending on the circumstances.

Here's part of what Brown wrote in the executive order:

Pursuant to ORS 401.165 and ORS 401.204, I find that the novel infectious coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to threaten public health and safety, and remains a statewide emergency under ORS 401.025. Accordingly, I am extending the state of emergency for an additional 60 days, through July 6, 2020. Executive Order 20-03 shall remain in effect through July 6, 2020, unless extended or terminated earlier by the Governor.

Just one day after Brown extended the state of emergency, Oregonians showed up at the State Capitol in Salem to protest that the state should be reopened.

For video of the protest that occurred on May 2, watch below: