Oregon May Force Insurers To Cover Unwanted Hair Removal...For Transwomen, Of Course

Brittany M. Hughes | April 28, 2023
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Oregon may soon expand its taxpayer-funded state Medicaid plans and force private insurers to cover hair removal services for biological men who think they’re women, while actual women continue to pay out of pocket for things like razors, shaving cream, and waxing services.

Spectrum Local News details the heart-wrenching story of a traumatized “trans woman” named Christina who’s been forced to shuck out half his monthly income for electrolysis to get rid of the hair that naturally grows on his face and other body parts due to the fact that...well, he is, despite his mental delusions, still a man.

Addressing the problem of having unwanted hair but not enough money to deal with it, the article claims, is “critical” to the “mental health” of trans people who want desperately to force reality to conform to their desires.

“Having this facial hair or this body hair, it doesn’t make me feel feminine. I still look in the mirror and I see that masculine person,” Christina told the outlet. “It’s stressful. It causes anxiety and PTSD when you’re having to live in this body that you don’t feel like you should be in.”

Of course, it’s also stressful to be an actual woman who has to shave her legs and armpits every day or risk looking like Sasquatch, but I don’t see anyone rushing to force taxpayers to dole out for waxing services. Then again, women have long since been forced to surrender their Perpetually Offended soapbox to the alphabet mafia, so who really cares about Susan and her chin fuzz?

And yet, that’s exactly what blue-controlled states like Oregon are now considering for their trans populations: using tax dollars taken from hardworking people to fund things like laser hair removal for trans persons who are traumatized by the sight of their own 5 o’clock shadows. What’s more, the state is likely to force private insurers from defining hair removal services as “cosmetic” - and therefore not covered by most plans - as long as it’s to affirm someone’s gender “identity.”

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A new bill being considered by the Oregon slate legislature, Spectrum explains, “would bar insurers and the state’s Medicaid plan from defining procedures like electrolysis as cosmetic when they are prescribed as medically necessary for treating gender dysphoria. It also would shield providers and patients from lawsuits originating in states where such procedures are restricted.” Right now, Oregon law only mandates coverage for electrolysis in preparation for "gender-affirming" chest or genital surgery.

Advocates of the proposed mandate say that legally mandating coverage to help biological men appear more feminine will also cut down on the "harassment" trans people face by keeping them from being easily identified as trans when out in public. Because God forbid women know when a biological man strolls into their bathrooms or shower stalls.

But if you’re a particularly hairy biological woman who wants to get rid of your unwanted curlycues? Better pull out that checkbook, darlin.’

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