Oregon Dem Says Black People Should Get a Day Off Work to Recover From Rittenhouse Trial


As a jury debates the fate of 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who stands accused of felony homicide after shooting three and killing two during last year’s violent riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, one Democrat politician had an…interesting suggestion for how the verdict should be handled – regardless of what the jury decides.

Gregory McKelvey, a far-left activist and vice chair of the Oregon Democratic Black Caucus, tweeted that regardless of whether Rittenhouse is found guilty of murder, black folks should be given time off from work for a couple of days to mentally recover from the trial of a white kid who shot three other white men. 

“Employers, consider giving your Black employees a day or two off after the Rittenhouse verdict. Regardless of the outcome, it’s going to be hard for Black people to work and it isn’t fair to expect them to,” McKelvey tweeted, apparently deciding that he speaks for all black Americans and that they must all be taking the Rittenhouse trial personally. 

And, as it usually does in the face of extreme stupidity, Twitter responded in epic fashion.

Rittenhouse's defense has alleged he shot 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, 26-year-old Anthony Huber, and 28-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz - killing the former two - in self-defense after he was pursued and attacked by a mob during the events of August 25, 2020. 

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