Oops! Elizabeth Warren Pays Her Female Staffers FAR Less Than the Guys

Brittany M. Hughes | April 4, 2017
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An embarrassing new report published on Equal Pay Day reveals that Elizabeth Warren, reigning left-wing queen of false ethnicity claims and socialist hopes and dreams, actually pays her female staffers much less than their male compatriots.

Shocked? Me neither.

Our friends over at the Free Beacon crunched a few numbers and discovered Warren’s female staffers make an average of 71 cents for every dollar her male employees earn – nearly 10 cents less than the national average of 79.6 cents per dollar. The Free Beacon notes:

The median annual earnings for women staffers, $52,750, was more than $20,000 less than the median annual earnings for men, $73,750, according to the analysis of publicly available Senate data.

When calculated using average salaries rather than median, the pay gap expands to just over $26,051, or about 31 percent.

The report added only one woman on Warren’s payroll earned a six-figure salary. (That would be her director of scheduling, sitting pretty at $100,624.88.)

However, five guys out-earned this lady by miles, including Warren's director of oversight and investigations ($156,000), legislative director ($149,458), deputy chief of staff ($119,375), Massachusetts state director ($152,310), and deputy state director ($113,750).

The Free Beacon explained they only calculated the wage difference based on the salaries of Warren’s full-time staff who were employed for the whole year – meaning the disparity isn’t because, for example, some female staffers only worked three days a week for six months.

It’s a pretty shameful reveal for the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, who’s used the so-called "gender wage gap" myth as a political soapbox for years. She even tweeted last year on last year's Equal Pay Day, calling it a “national day of embarrassment.”

She also raked Republicans across the coals for blocking a bill demanding “equal pay” back in 2014, saying she was “simply appalled” by the move:

Warren even called for legislation back in 2015 that would protect women from being fired if they demanded the same salary as their male coworkers.

"The one thing that always gets me is that in 2015, I still have to get out and say that we believe in equal pay for equal work," Warren wailed at the time. "It always gets a nice round of applause…but you really want to say holy guacamole, we can't get this thing done?"

Sorry, Fauxcahontas. Turns out 15 beads and a deer skin doesn't make for a livable wage. 

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