OOPS! CNN Calls Dylan Mulvaney a HE!

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | July 13, 2023
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Uh-oh! CNN was in deep doo-doo on Wednesday after calling transgender TikToker, Dylan Mulvaney, a boy. Don’t forget, if you DON’T deny science, you’re a bigot. 

CNN correspondent Ryan Young used male pronouns to talk about Mulvaney when discussing the controversy over Bud Light's brief promotion of Mulvaney's "lifestyle."

“One bar was telling us,” Young began, “basically [that] they’re not going to serve it because they didn’t like the way Dylan Mulvaney was treated after this whole controversy started. He of course is the transgender person they were gonna sponsor and go along with, with Bud Light. They [trans activists] didn’t like how Bud Light didn’t stand by him after all this.”

Following the segment where he was not corrected immediately by himself or the other anchors, CNN released an apology.

“Yesterday in a segment about transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who was featured in Bud Light’s recent campaign, she was mistakenly referred to by the wrong pronouns,” Bolduan said. “CNN aims to honor individuals’ ways of identifying themselves and we apologize for that error.”


If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, let me catch you up.

Mulvaney, a biological man, went viral on social media for posting about his growing number of days of girlhood. He vloged his everyday life and talked about what it was like parading around as a six-year-old little girl. Most recently, after Mulvaney celebrated his 365th day of girlhood, none other than Bud Light decided he’d be a great candidate for a sponsored collaboration. Now, since Bud Light's normally consumed by 'country livin, America lovin’ men,' Bud Light’s market value plummeted.

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That’s what Young was talking about when he made his boo boo.

CNN national correspondent Ryan Young misgenders Dylan Mulvaney live on the air.

The anchors didn't even correct him, tragic. pic.twitter.com/n7VGCsbkdt

— Expose Them (@ExposeDarkDeeds) July 12, 2023

According to a video Mulvaney posted to his TikTok, he said “what transpired from that video was more bullying and transphobia than I could have ever imagined,” he said before adding complaining about Bud Light not supporting him throughout the ordeal. “I was waiting for the brand to reach out to me but they never did.”

Though I disagree with just about everything Mulvaney stands for, I do think it was low of Bud Light to claim to be obsessed with Mulvaney and then sorta dump the campaign on him to figure it out and pick up the pieces. If they’re gonna pretend to be the social arbiters of what is good, then do it. Full send. But, they didn’t, hence why the bar that CNN was talking about stopped selling Bud Light. 

When Young was done talking, the screen flipped back to anchors Kate Bolduan and Sara Sidner, neither of which corrected Young's "misgender" mistake. After the segment aired, though, trans activists raged.

A few different guys from Media Matters were predictably pissed, according to New York Post. One called it an “unbelievably bad CNN segment,” while another stated, “What horrible coverage and the pundit couldn’t even correct the misgendering of Dylan. This makes me sad.” The same report indicated that a third said “Wow, absolute garbage segment” and another said it was “despicably poor ‘journalism.’”

Really? It’s bad journalism to state facts that are true … like the fact that Mulvaney is a man? Per CNN nature, that's when anchor Bolduan went on-air to apologize.

Update: they just apologized.

For an apology to mean anything, you actually have to have done something wrong. pic.twitter.com/IZP0IeTDfd

— Expose Them (@ExposeDarkDeeds) July 12, 2023

What’s kinda funny and makes this whole thing all the more ironic is that CNN didn’t mess up by calling Mulvaney a “he.” Mulvaney is and always will be a male. Where CNN really messed up was in sending an apology indicating that the network cared more about identity politics than actual facts. Go figure!


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