Ontario, Canada, Bans OUTDOOR Recreational Activity Until June 2

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 18, 2021
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In a perfect example of not just authoritarianism, but also a misunderstanding of private property and voluntary association (a misunderstanding that seems widespread through the halls of most governments), the rulers of Ontario, Canada have issued a new edict banning outdoor recreational activity until at least June 2.

As Breitbart’s Gabrielle Reyes reports, the nightmare will continue, thanks to the Premier of Ontario:

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said on May 13 that he ordered the lockdown extension — in place since April 8 — to curb Chinese coronavirus transmissions across the central Canadian province and ‘save the summer’ following a recent surge in new daily coronavirus cases in Ontario. The order forces thousands of businesses and public schools in Ontario to remain shuttered for nearly three more weeks and bans most outdoor recreation, such as golfing and tennis. The mandate has also shut down outdoor playgrounds for children.

But, even if one were to agree that the government has a place in preventing people from voluntarily gathering with one another, for a year, the determination of “cases” has been recognized as unreliable, because the tests aren’t reliable.

And then there’s what doctors internationally have said is the infinitesimally low risk of transmission of the SARS CoV-2 virus outside.

Perhaps Ontario Premier Ford has kept himself in a bubble so long, he hasn’t bothered to read any of the info about this subject. Perhaps he’s forgotten that golf and tennis aren’t contact sports, and that children are at nearly zero risk of becoming ill from or spreading COVID-19. And perhaps he’s been so “bubble-bound,” he’s missed the idea that most golf courses and tennis courts are privately owned. Private property being that which allows people to employ their free will to decide if they want to invite people or to accept invitations.

If Ford can stop people from gathering on private property, can he mandate gatherings on private property, as well? Can he order people to open their homes or their golf courses or sports clubs to everyone who wants to enter? How clueless about private property and individual liberty is this man? And, even in the areas that are tax-supported, thus making them “public," the idea is that the places have to be open to all. Has Ford ever read the Canadian Charter of Rights?

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Of course, government never operates that way when it handles the lands and buildings it forces people to fund. It can’t welcome everyone for every reason. That’s why people argue about so-called “natural sites” run by the government, or argue about schools run by government. 

Airline pilots have rights to keep and bear arms, yet, because the government claims the power to “regulate” airlines, air routes, and airports, the pilots cant exercise their rights and make agreements with their employers regarding what they might want to negotiate.

Ontario, Canada, is a perfect example of the card-carrying collectivist’s notion that other people cannot be allowed to freely associate, that they must get permission from the state. But it is free association and free will that allow us to decide for ourselves what levels of safety we want, and allow market participants to cater to them.

The government forces people to act as its captains desire.

Which appears to be precisely what Premier Ford enjoys.