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Only Bad Guys Question Student Protestors - And Other Media Wackiness


Featured in this week’s edition of Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression - a multitude of people say they want to repeal the Second Amendment, but the liberal media assures us that’s not what they said. Even though they wrote it down and had it published.

CNN says they like to use facts unless those facts would prove a Parkland student stumping for gun control wrong. On those occasions facts can be avoided and ignored. CNN Reporter Brian Stelter claims it's a "balance."

If you disagree with a protesting student, "you are a bad guy", according to CNN.

But don’t criticize the liberal media. If you do you are like Mussolini.

CNN claims Veterans Affairs office has been failing for years, but question the need to change the department’s leadership.

At MSNBC, the move to make Dr. Ronny Jackson head of the VA is a “distraction” from Stormy Daniels.

Because they treat the Stormy Daniels accusations about President Trump with the same seriousness they did Paula Jones accusations about President Clinton….oh, wait, maybe not.

For these stories and more check out NewsBusters.

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