Only 37% Of Americans Can Name Their Congressman


A new survey reveals just 37 percent of Americans can name their congressional representative, and just over half know their congressman’s party affiliation.

On April 24, Haven Insights surveyed 575 American adults about their civic literacy.

Haven Insights discovered only 37 percent of those polled could name their congressional district's representative, while 63 could not. Out of all Americans polled, a little more than half (56 percent) could name their representative's party affiliation.

Broken down by political ideology, conservatives fared better than liberals: 46 percent knew their representative’s name, and 62 percent knew their representative’s party affiliation.

By contrast, only 33 percent of liberals knew their representative’s name, and 57 percent knew their representative’s political party affiliation.

Self-proclaimed moderates were more likely than liberals, but less likely than conservatives, to know the name of their representative, with 37 percent correctly naming their representative. As far as knowing their representative’s party affiliation, moderates scored the lowest, with only 54 percent knowing their representative’s party.

Despite many not knowing the name of their representatives, or their party affiliation, a majority (64.7 percent) felt like their representatives were overpaid.

The Haven Insights survey was conducted via online interviews and and “the error attributable to sampling that would be expected at the 95% level of confidence for this survey’s total sample is +/- 4%.”

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