Poll: Only 3% of Dems Say Clinton Is Telling the Truth About Emails


A Fox News poll reveals only three percent of Democrats believe Hillary Clinton has been telling the truth about her email scandal.

After providing a brief explanation of the Clinton email scandal, the Fox News poll asked 1,008 registered voters, “Do you think Clinton knowingly lied about the emails or there’s another explanation?”

Only two percent of voters responded, “Clinton told the truth” - while 58 percent replied, “Clinton lied.”

Even worse for Clinton, only three percent of Democrats responded that they believe Clinton has told the truth.

While 87 percent of Republicans state outright that Clinton lied, 60 percent of Democrats insist, “There’s another explanation.”

Broken down by ideology, only four percent of self-described liberals believe Clinton told the truth.

Among liberals, 36 percent claimed, “Clinton lied,” while 51 percent stated, “There’s another explanation.”

Another poll question about the Clinton email scandal asked, “Did Hillary Clinton put our national security at risk by mishandling classified emails while she was secretary of state?” In response, 54 percent of voters said, “Yes,” including 81 percent of Republicans and 29 percent of Democrats. A slightly higher percentage of liberals than Democrats (34 percent compared to 29 percent) believe Clinton’s handling of emails threatened national security.

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