One Million Refugees Later, Merkel Finally Admits There Are Now 'No-Go Areas' In Germany

Nick Kangadis | March 1, 2018
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Anyone who says miracles don’t happen have now been proven wrong by the pigs that are currently flying in Germany as a result of the surprising comments from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

During an interview with German TV station n-tv, Merkel intimated that Germany does in fact have the notorious “no-go areas” that she and others in the European Union have refused to acknowledge until now. 

A “no-go zone” is an area in which police and outsiders don’t feel safe visiting, patrolling or passing through. In Germany and much of Western Europe, these long-rumored spots are communities in which Muslim migrants have set up their own rules of law that sometimes directly contradicts the actual laws of the land they’re inhabiting.

While Merkel did observe that Germany has what is more commonly referred to as “no-go zones,” the German leader didn’t specify which areas would be classified as such.

“There are such areas and one has to call them by their name and do something about them,” Merkel said.

Now you want to do something about the problem facing most of Western Europe?! You’re the Chancellor of Germany, Angela! Who’s stopping you?!

Merkel — and other European leaders — opened their country’s borders to any and all people seeking refuge outside of their native countries. It’s not clear whether these European leaders are simply incompetent or a clear and present danger to the continent they’re trying to connect through EU force.

For an example of the “no-go zones” currently residing in Europe, watch below:

 H/T: Washington Post

(Cover Photo: Freedom House)