Olympic Medalist Uses Abortion Story To Fight Against Dobbs Case

John Simmons | December 2, 2021

Without abortion, girls won't win Olympic gold!

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for the Dobbs v. Jackson case, which will determine if Mississippi has the right to ban abortions after 15 weeks. The ruling, which will be decided on in June, could have major, pro-life implications on the abortion precedent set in Roe v. Wade.

Because the “right” to abortion is potentially hanging in the balance, Olympic gold-medalist Chrissy Perham is coming forward with her abortion story to try to persuade people to support the murdering of innocent babies.

Perham’s story is the major crux for an amicus briefing signed by more than 500 professional, college, and high school briefing asking for the justices to overturn the law. When she was 19 and engaged to her first husband, she got pregnant while a sophomore swimmer at the University of Arizona in a stage of life where she described herself as “struggling with growing up and being responsible.” Fearing that this could ruin her swimming career, she got an abortion and moved on with life.

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Perham went on to two gold medals and one silver at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, but her story – and her willingness to defend herself as having made the right choice – is a striking example at how heartless at deranged pro-abortion advocates are.

Perham said in an interview with ESPN that she did not fully grasp what her decision to be married in college would entail:

“I just thought that if someone asked you to get married, you love that person, so you get married. I'd never thought about not going to college and not graduating. My mom and dad had done the same thing. They'd gotten married in college and my mom had me a couple of years later. That was my plan. A baby was not part of that plan at all. Definitely given the amount of maturity that I still needed and the amount that I needed to grow just as a human being, I was definitely not ready to be a mother.”

So basically, Perham has sex with her fiancé, gets pregnant, and realizes that there are actual consequences for deciding to have sex, the most obvious of which is that there’s a high chance you get pregnant. If you get pregnant, you should be ready to raise the child yourself. If not, at least bear the child and at the very least put it up for adoption if you’re not ready. But “not being mature enough” is not an excuse to murder a baby; if you’re not ready to have a kid, don’t have sex (a radical proposition for our sex-crazed culture).

Furthermore, how little must you value life if you are willing to sacrifice your child for a few fleeting moments of sports glory? Sure, Perham went on to achieve Olympic glory, but at the cost of her firstborn child. Is that really all it will take for women in our society to sacrifice their children at the altar of abortion?

Every decision we make in life has consequences, and pregnancy is no exception. Our culture has embraced the “all fun no consequences” mentality, creating a generation of responsibility-phobes that will literally kill to keep satisfying themselves. Perham and the 500 athletes who want to prevent the protection of babies in Mississippi and the country should be ashamed of themselves, not proud of what they are supporting.