Oklahoma Man Forced to Pay Child Support for Kid That Isn’t His

ashley.rae | January 16, 2017
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A Tulsa, Okla. man is being forced to pay child support for a child that isn’t his, all thanks to an Oklahoma law.

Newson6 reports a man named Thomas, who married his high school girlfriend after she got pregnant, tested the paternity of the child he thought was his son after his marriage fell apart. Thomas tested the child’s paternity when the boy was three -- one year after Oklahoma’s cutoff for paternity disputes. According to analysis by Newson6, Oklahoma law deems the presumed father to be the legal father once a child turns two years old.

After notifying a judge of the paternity dispute, the judge originally absolved Thomas of responsibility for paying for the child. The judge then changed his decision, citing Oklahoma’s law.

Thomas is now being forced to pay approximately $500 a month in child support and $15,000 in back support and interest for a child he didn't father.

Thomas told Newson6, "I wish I was telling a lie.”

“I wish it wasn't the truth, but it is. That's what makes it so crazy. Everyone I talk to about this can't believe where the court system is coming from," he continued.

“At this point, there's really nothing I can do to get out of the $15,000 or get out of the child support," he added. "It's done, it's the law."

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