Okay, Lady! Ariz. Poll Worker Says 'Nervous Energy' Contributing to Vote Count Problems

Nick Kangadis | November 8, 2022
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In the newest batch of BS to hit the ballot box, have you heard of “nervous energy” when it comes to ballots not working?

To one poll worker in Arizona, where multiple places in the state have seen voting issues, she — as if she was an expert on how the voting machines work — said that voters’ own “nervous energy” made the ballots not scan and be counted in some cases.

“It’s nervous energy that tabulator wants to read the ballot straight on,” the woman said. “And if you don’t put it in straight it kicks it back out. If you over-vote, it kicks it back out. If you don’t color it in correctly, it kicks it back out, so you have to fill out the ballot properly for the tabulator to read it.”


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Except the “tabulator” is a machine and doesn’t “want” to do anything. It’s just supposed to do what it was built for. Plus, has anyone ever heard of an “over-vote?” Yeah, me neither.

The other mistakes the woman mentions, fine. I get it. Those things happen. But, those problems wouldn’t completely shut down some tabulators as reported earlier in the day.

Well, this is a new, folks. “Nervous energy” can apparently affect the vote count.


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