Ohio State Democrat Tackles Anti-Trump Protester

Daniel Pickert | November 15, 2016
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A registered Democrat tackled an anti-Donald Trump demonstrator who was giving a speech to fellow protesters Monday night at Ohio State University.

A video clip shows 24-year-old OSU student Shane Stanton running down the stairs and crashing into anti-Trump protester Tim Adams, who was speaking through a megaphone at the time.

Stanton is heard screaming, “You idiot!” as he bounds down the staircase toward Adams. Anti-Trump protesters listening to Adams’ speech begin to pummel Stanton, as others quickly restrain them. Police then take Stanton into custody and walk him out of the building as anti-Trump protesters chant, “Shame! Shame!”

Adams, a self-declared socialist, was not hurt in the altercation. He says he did not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the election. He will be filing charges against Stanton.

Stanton was arrested and given $2,500 bond in his arraignment on Tuesday. He has been indefinitely suspended from Ohio State.

There were many Trump supporters in the crowd attempting to spread unity, and they condemned Stanton’s actions.

“That does not represent the basic Trump supporter,” said Konrad Witwek. “It puts us to shame because as Trump supporters one radical guy is how we’re going to get labeled.”

None of the Trump supporters at the protest recognized Stanton. “He’s not at all a part of the Students for Trump Organization,” stated August Painter.

According to NBC 4, Stanton is a registered Democrat.

Chris Davey, a spokesman for Ohio State, said, “We witnessed a disturbing incident at a political demonstration on our campus this afternoon,” in a released statement. “As we said last week, the safety of our students and freedom of speech are bedrock, immutable principles that are the foundation of our university.”

Witness the wild confrontation below, via OSU’s school newspaper The Lantern:

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