Ohio Sheriff Offers Free Concealed Carry Course For Teachers, 300 Sign Up In Under Two Days

Nick Kangadis | February 23, 2018

While the political class duke it out over the scope of the Second Amendment, one sheriff in Ohio is taking matters into his own hands to keep kids safe in classrooms.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones was thinking about his daughter and grandchildren when he decided something needed to be done about the fear instilled in parents and kids after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla. on Valentine’s Day.

“It wasn’t any phone calls. It wasn’t anyone that lobbied me,” Jones said, according to the USA Today. “It was my daughter and my grandkids. Simply my daughter coming to my house crying. I ran it past her. As a mother, what does she think? She wants her kids safe.”

Jones was driving while he was deep in thought about the safety of both his and other people’s families when he pulled to the side of the road and sent out a tweet concerning the matter.

Here’s the tweet:


According to the USA Today:

Ohio law is strict on guns in school zones. Law enforcement officers may carry weapons, but aside from that, it requires written authorization from a district’s school board for any other person to carry a gun.

So, Jones’ class is just a first step. But for any school board that doesn’t take the second step and approve teachers to carry guns, Jones thinks voters should boot the board members out of office.

“Fire them,” he said.

Less than 48 hours later, Jones sent out another tweet claiming that his office wouldn’t be accepting any more requests for training.


The concealed carry course lasts eight hours, and it includes a “classroom session and a portion on a gun range.”

While the rhetoric and agenda-driven narratives continue, regular citizens prefer action. Jones tends to agree with the people.

“Yap, yap, yap, yap. And you know what gets done? Absolutely nothing,” Jones said. “I decided quite some time ago that I was going to take it upon myself, and I was going to do something immediately.”

Jones doesn’t just talk about it, he acts upon it.