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Ohio Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate and Supreme Court Justice Shares Sex Life on Facebook


Democratic candidate for Ohio governor and current Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill authored a public post on Facebook in which he claims he slept with 50 women in the past 50 years as part of his rant defending “all heterosexual males.”

In his Facebook post, which has since been edited, O’Neill wrote that he decided to speak out after the “dogs of war” attacked Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) in the wake of revelations that he was photographed with his hands near a woman’s breasts while she was sleeping. According to O’Neill, his Facebook post was on “behalf of all heterosexual males” who apparently felt similarly attacked by sexual assault allegations.

O’Neill went into great detail about his sexual history, writing that he has been “sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females,” going into detail about who they were and where they had sex:

O’Neill confirmed to that he wrote the post.

O’Neill reportedly told that it was not inappropriate for him to write about his sex life online, despite his job title and the fact that he is running for office. He did, however, tell he was not sure if the actual number of women he has slept with is 50 because he “doesn’t keep count.”

ABC reports O’Neill also made comments defending Franken against the media firestorm.

“Democrats are now calling for Al Franken's removal from the United States Senate for an indiscreet act for which he has apologized, the victim has accepted the apology — and now the feeding frenzy begins,” he argued.

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(Image source: Bill O’Neill, via Facebook)

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