Oh, That Was Bad: 6 Most Embarrassing Moments From Biden's Latest Speech

Brittany M. Hughes | August 31, 2022
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If there's anything for which President Joe Biden is more famous than his terrible policy decisions, it's his penchant for gaffes - and Tuesday was no exception.

Speaking in Pennsylvania before an awkward audience and some (probably terrified) staffers, Biden reeled off-script, grabbed non-facts out of thin air, dove headfirst into a pool of racist tropes, and blundered his way through yet another embarrassing, error-riddled diatribe meant to inspire, but which generally just left everyone going, "....huh?"

Here are six of the most awkward, cringe, and flat-out wrong moments from Biden's speech - and, if you're drinking anything at the moment, we suggest you put it down.

1. When he claimed an AR-15 fires bullets that travel “five times faster than any other gun.


2. When he claimed that January 6 protesters “[killed] several” police officers.

Setting aside several people who died from medical incidents, the only person actually killed on January 6 was Ashli Babbitt, a Trump supporter shot to death while trying to climb through a broken window in the U.S. Capitol.

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3. This self-own, when he said Mexico’s biggest border problem are the illegal guns coming in from the United States.

Like, say, Fast and Furious? Which administration was that, again?

4. When he couldn't decide if AR-15s are incomparably dangerous firearms, or puny rifles.

Just after suggesting AR-15s are such deadly weapons of war that citizens should not be allowed to own them, he declared that pro-Second Amendment Americans would “need an F-15” to defend against a tyrannical government.

5. When he was openly racist.

In this one, Biden made a wildly racist quip about being the “only white guy” who used to lifeguard in a community near his hometown – but hey, they turned out some great basketball players!

6. This...stroke?

At one point, Biden couldn’t seem to recall the name of the guy he’d endorsed for Pennsylvania governor (it’s John Fetterman, by the way), so he just called him “that big ol’ boy.”

Another day, another Biden speech that made no sense.

Of course, some of us were saying that two years ago.

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