Oh, Sweet Irony! L.A. Times Pens Tone Deaf Article About How Mexicans in Mexico Want 'Foreigners' to Leave

Nick Kangadis | July 28, 2022
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You can’t make this stuff up.

The Los Angeles Times published an article on Wednesday, titled "Californians and other Americans are flooding Mexico City. Some locals want them to go home," that described the plight of Mexicans in Mexico City being upset that there are so many “foreigners” inhabiting their country and city, particularly white Americans.

The ironic part of the whole situation is that the white Americans some Mexicans are complaining about are the same guilty white liberals who call anyone who doesn’t want unfettered immigration into the U.S. bigots and racists.

The beginning of the L.A. Times article goes a little something like this:

Fernando Bustos Gorozpe was sitting with friends in a cafe here when he realized that — once again — they were outnumbered.

“We’re the only brown people,” said Bustos, a 38-year-old writer and university professor. “We’re the only people speaking Spanish except the waiters.”

Mexico has long been the top foreign travel destination for Americans, its bountiful beaches and picturesque pueblos luring tens of millions of U.S. visitors annually. But in recent years, a growing number of tourists and remote workers — hailing from Brooklyn, N.Y., Silicon Valley and points in between — have flooded the nation’s capital and left a scent of new-wave imperialism.

Oh, sweet irony.

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There are plenty of examples in the tone-deaf Times piece that if they were said by Americans towards “foreigners” coming into the U.S., they’d be “cancelled” immediately and probably put in the same political prisoner gulag as some of the less egregious January 6th violators.

And English — well, it’s everywhere: ringing out at supermarkets, natural wine bars and fitness classes in the park.

At Lardo, a Mediterranean restaurant where, on any given night, three-quarters of the tables are filled with foreigners, a Mexican man in a well-cut suit recently took a seat at the bar, gazed at the English-language menu before him and sighed as he handed it back: “A menu in Spanish, please.”

It’s apparently become such a “burden” for Mexicans to have people not from their country in their cities - a good portion of which are there because the pandemic opened up a whole new world of remote work - that they’ve begun to put up posters with phrases that would probably get you arrested, ironically in places like L.A., Portland and Seattle.

“New to the city? Working remotely?” they read in English. “You’re a f—ing plague and the locals f—ing hate you. Leave.”

Imagine if an American put a poster like that up anywhere. They would be trending on social media and the PC mob would be calling for their head. But when Mexicans do it towards “foreigners” for being in Mexico, the L.A. Times will write a piece about their plight.

I guess the main problem that most in Mexico have with “foreigners” is that they’re there because it’s cheaper to live and work than the inflated cost of living that’s been manipulated by President Joe Biden’s regime.

And the same thing that white liberals, typically further left at this point in time, do to poorer neighborhoods in the U.S., they’re now doing to cities in foreign countries, like Portugal.

Over the weekend, a tenant advocacy group hosted a walking tour of “places we have lost to gentrification, touristification and forced displacement.”

“Our homes,” the event flier read, “now house digital nomads.”

The dynamic playing out here is, in many ways, an old-world problem colliding with tech-age mobility, one that is forcing Mexico to confront its own history and traits.

Ah, so Mexicans and other people native to other countries don’t like it when “foreigners” come in and either change their culture or don’t assimilate.

Funny how that works, huh?


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