Oh Now You Care?! Dem Wisconsin Gov. Activates Nat'l Guard Ahead of Rittenhouse Verdict

Nick Kangadis | November 15, 2021
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With all the people that told the country that we need to “defund the police” and that they want to reimagine the justice system, it’s funny that a lot of those same people are now calling on an authoritative body to help protect them if the narrative they set up blows up in their smug faces.

On Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) activated 500 National Guard troops to help monitor possible civil unrest following the upcoming verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

According to the New York Post:

About 500 troops will be on hand outside of Kenosha and will respond “if requested by local law enforcement,” in the event of civil unrest following the jury’s decision, Evers said.

The guardsmen will be operating “in conjunction with hundreds of officers from volunteering law enforcement agencies,” the governor’s office said.

Evers released a statement on Friday announcing the activation of the National Guard, in which he concluded with a very interesting caveat.

“The National Guard may not be used to impede the ability of people to peacefully protest or impede the ability of the media to report,” Evers wrote.

Take what they deem as “peacefully protest” with a grain of salt, because they didn’t seem to care all that much when Kenosha burned down the first time. If they had, we might not have ever heard of Kyle Rittenhouse.

The trial looks to be wrapping up this week, as both legal teams present their closing arguments on Monday.