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Officer Drives Teen to Job Interview Instead of Writing Him a Ticket

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An Illinois teenager was pulled over by a police officer for driving with expired tags. On top of that, when the cop talked with the young man, he also found out he didn’t have a license. 

At this point, you’d expect the young man to get a well deserved ticket with a hefty fine. But that’s not what happened.

Cahokia Officer Rick Gemoules sympathized with Ka’shawn Baldwin when he learned the teen was taking the huge risk because he had a job interview. 

Baldwin, realizing that he wouldn’t be able to drive his vehicle under the conditions, did the unthinkable: he asked the officer for a ride so he could obtain this new job.

And that's exactly what Gemoules did.

"He drove me to my interview,” Baldwin told WICS. “I asked him 'Can you take me to my interview' and he drove me there. That kind of brought joy out of me.”

Baldwin, who has been working at McDonald’s, had an interview for a second job with FedEx. While thinking his plan to get a better paying job was about to disappear, the teen had no idea Gemoules was about to make his day.

"I was shocked that he actually gave me a ride to the interview. Normally, cops are like, where I’m from, they don't really do stuff like that," he said.

"You're just in a community. You get to see what goes on out here, so you know you have a good understanding,” Officer Gemoules explained. ‘And [with] my background, I can relate to him.”

An officer who can relate to a teen on hard times worked out well in this situation. And, in wven better news for Baldwin, he got the second job at Fed-Ex and began orientation on Tuesday. 

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