Officer and Father Both Killed Fighting Border Crime on Same Date 26 Years Apart

Lillian Smith | June 25, 2015
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Detective Michael David Davis, Jr. was shot dead last Oct. 24 by an illegal alien suspect who had previously been arrested and convicted of miscellaneous crimes on four separate occasions.

Pam Davis Owens, the aunt of Detective Davis, appeared on Fox & Friends to share her nephew’s story. Coincidentally, Detective Davis was murdered on the very date that his father was killed trying to stop an illegal alien smuggling drugs into the U.S. 26 years earlier.

"Michael’s father was killed in the line of duty 26 years to the day working for Riverside County Sheriff’s Department also fighting illegal drugs being brought over from the Mexican border," Owens explained.

Sadly, this was the first time that Owens didn't take that date off in commemoration of his dad's death.

"He always took that day as a vacation day. And, this year, he worked," Owens said.

Owens went on to call for passage of a border bill drafted by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) she hopes will minimize crimes by illegal aliens.

According to Jeff Session’s webpage:

This legislation will ensure cooperation between state, local, and federal officials, each with their own valuable role. It will crack down on sanctuary cities. It will empower our Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to actually enforce our immigration laws—protecting the jobs, wages, and well-being of the American people. It will make sure that our immigration policies are carried out—not ignored.

Owens concluded her interview by placing the blame for her nephew's death squarely on the shoulders of California Governor Jerry Brown: “The governor of California - I hold him personally responsible because he got right up on stage and, and told the illegals they were welcome in the state of California.”

"And, by welcoming the illegals in, he’s bringing more in. We don’t need more; we need to stop the illegal immigration and protect our citizens and our law enforcement.”

H/T FoxNews