Ode To Joy: Ad Puts Sponsors of Anti-Christian ‘The View’ In Plain Sight

Eric Scheiner | February 23, 2018
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The Media Research Center has released an online ad listing all of the advertisers who are supporting the anti-Christian bigotry of ABC's The View.

The MRC has called on the public to contact the advertisers that support ABC’s The View, and let them know their displeasure, following the network’s failure to apologize for appalling anti-Christian remarks made by hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin.


The online ad is part of the MRC’s ‘Conservatives Strike Back’ effort. The ad calls out the companies that spend advertising money on The View by name, and encourages people to visit stopattackingchristians.com.

The stopattackingchristians.com website features a list of the companies with phone numbers for people to contact and voice their displeasure for the corporate support of anti-Christian bigotry.

MRCTV is a division of the Media Research Center.

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