Occupy Wall Street Now Recycling Old ACORN Tactics

Stephen Gutowski | December 7, 2011
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Back in 2009, when ACORN still existed, Bertha Lewis went on the media rounds to defend her organization's decision to break into foreclosed homes and squat in them. It was a relatively big story at the time and Lee Doren over at How the World Works did a great overview of the whole ordeal at the time. However, nothing beats this classic Stewart Varney interview with Ms. Lewis on Fox Business:

Varney's point that foreclosures only happen when people, you know, stop paying their mortgage bill and therefore breaking back into the homes after they've been foreclosed on is simply thuggery still stands. It was thuggery when ACORN did it. It is thuggery now that Occupy Wall Street is copying them. (h/t Verum Serum)

Nobody should be surprised by this turn of events. At its core the Occupy movement has always been made up of the same group that always makes up far left movements. These types of liberals activists have been at the center of major left wing movement since the sixties.

They recycle the same tactics year after year. They coalesce around the same union-worshiping community organizers they've always coalesced around. They pull from the same groups of entitled college kids they've always pulled from to train the next group of union-worshiping community organizers to employ the same tactics.

Nothing ever seems to change. The liberals in the media try to make it all seem fresh and ground breaking in order to attract new support but we've all seen this before. There is no awakening of average apolitical Americans like we saw with the Tea Party. They haven't drawn in any new blood. They don't give us anything new.

All we get are the same progressive ideas from the beginning of the 20th century screamed at us from worn out bull horns by the same liberal stereotype we've seen at a thousand leftist rallies in the past.

That combined with the hope that it will all seem new and exciting when rewritten as fresh news copy by their friends on the nightly news, it seems, is what all liberal movements are built on these days.