Occupy Sacramento Protesters Lash Out at Local Media


Stupidity turns to anger as a local CBS reporter questions Occupy Sacramento protesters on why they're there.

What a ridiculous cluster of chaos. Even the organizer of the event can't figure out why they're protesting. Can you imagine how many times the liberal media would replay a clip of a Tea Party organizer telling a reporter that they have no idea why they're there but the "message team" will reveal the reasons tomorrow? I'm sure this clip will get the same coverage...

Some of the protesters may have known why they were there. Possibly to fight against "corporate greed" and for the implementation of communism. You know... by settling down for the night in their Coleman tents, keeping warm in their Under Armor sweatshirts, and listening to their Apple iPods.

As absurd as the contradictions and confusions in the Occupy movement are, the annoying "woe is me" attitude is what bothers some of us the most. Has there ever existed a more pathetic and whiny lot?

Look, we all have problems but most of us don't throw temper tantrums and demand somebody else fix them for us. Well, most adults anyway. In the end, that may be what these protesters are really after... perpetual childhood.

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