Obese Woman Calls Out Average Sized People for Having 'Thin Privilege'


Liberals love the word “privilege.” If they can’t think of any other reason to explain your success, your growth in life, or the new physique you present to the world after countless hours at the gym, they’ll call you a privileged jerk.

This mindset continues to grow among leftists and it’s gone all the way to obese people calling out average sized people for “thin privilege.” Yeah, that’s right. Thin privilege.

The British Broadcasting Network’s “Sesh” division tweeted a video from a woman who loves her plus-sized body and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. Her name is Michaela Gingell, she’s a lifestyle blogger who wants to convince us that thin people have it better in life. And you know what, I don’t have a problem with her thinking that… My problem is that she seems to blame thin people for all her problems. But should that realize surprise me, considering she has a liberal mindset?

“If you’re thin, you have a certain privilege,” she says. “Everyday tasks that a thinner person can take for granted can leave a plus-sized person like myself, feeling full of anxiety, burden and upset. Feeling as though they don’t belong.”

In the video she blames her fatness for people not wanting to sit next to her when she’s taking public transportation. I’m more inclined to think that most people don’t want to sit next to any strangers (despite who they are) when they’re taking the bus, subway, or plane. You’re kind of just forced to do so. 

“So, I can put a picture on Instagram and I’m listed with everything that’s wrong with me! she said. “Of course, none of it is true, because nothing is wrong with me!

Okayyy… I can think of one big thing (no pun intended) that’s wrong with her and it’s not her weight. The thing that’s wrong with her is she’s delusional. Any time you want to convince yourself that being excessively overweight is healthy and fine and everyone has to be thrilled with you just the way you are, you’re wrong. Life just doesn’t work that way.

“Before you roll your eyes at the idea of thin privilege, try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes,” she tells us. 

I get it, some people do treat people better the thinner they are. But I have a feeling this video is more about the plus-sized blogger having her insecurities exposed concerning her weight. If it really bothers her that much, it might be time for her to make a change. 

H/T: The Blaze

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