Obama’s Maskless 60th Birthday Hypocrisy Takes the Cake

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 8, 2021
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Apocryphal or not, the quote, “Let them eat cake,” is attributed to 18th Century French “Queen” Marie-Antoinette, and cited as one of the classic examples of how a political elitist cared not a whit about the fact that rulers were incredibly insulated from their harmful policies.

Climate alarmist, pandemic-edict-promoter and former president Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash might stand as a modern equivalent.

Thrown Saturday at his 7,000 square foot, 29 acre Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, estate, and packed with political peanuts and entertainment industry bores, the Obama party, was, of course, a virtual who’s-who of Democrat Party flunkies. And though the former President supposedly chose to reduce its size to 500 from a total of 700 guests and servants, it’s just the kind of thing that many lefties would claim was a so-called “super-spreader” event if it were put on by anyone who didn’t tow or have a hand in creating the leftist line.

We plebeians who got to watch coverage of it on our federally-regulated internet connections and television screens might have wondered why those guests didn’t bring scuba gear, given the fact that the Obama compound is supposed to be consumed by rising sea levels, sea levels about which Barack himself warned us in 2009.

Regardless of our questions, the Obama’s $14.8 million in the estate, so perhaps the apocalyptic fears of climate change-ism don’t apply to the Obamas and their guests. 

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Perhaps, also, the contrast between their stated pandemic fear-porn and their actual ACTIONS suggests that the political mandates they issue to us don’t apply to 60-year-old Barack and his pals.

That seems to be the case, since Obama reportedly welcomed thrilling guests such as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, John Kerry, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Jay-Z, Beyonce, George Clooney, Dwayne Wade, Kathleen Biden, Stephen Colbert, and Don Cheadle to the shindig.

And since, of course Barack and most of his guests went maskless.

Big surprise. They forgot their face-diapers, despite Barack saying we should abide by the political pandemic pronouncements, the latest of which have come from White House spokesperson Jen Psaki and Anthony “Godhead of Science” Fauci who, again, are pushing masks on us and even on kindergarteners.

Gateway Pundit founder and editor Jim Hoft compiled a number of salient observations from perplexed Obama Party watchers, all of whom noticed the towering hypocrisy of the leftist gang.

Included in the run-down was a post from Twitter user @AnonymousZeros, who showed a maskless Barack meeting with, among others, a maskless former Attorney General Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder.

Though Holder has been accused of overseeing an Obama plan to “walk” guns into Mexico so that the guns would come back to the US in the hands of drug-runners, he couldn’t seem to figure out how to smuggle masks into Martha’s Vineyard.

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And that wasn’t the end of the hypocrisy.

Human Events Editor Jack Posobiec tweeted a pic of Barack mingling with his tightly-packed birthday crowd – all of whom appeared to be sans magic face muzzles.

"Obama just had tons of people at his party," Posobiec observed. "Maskless. No vaxx mandate. They are laughing at you."

Indeed, it seems as if they are "laughing at you."

Many of these people made their sizable fortunes off of us taxpayers and off of our kids, since the feds keep loading their deficits onto the backs of the unborn. Many of them spout lyrical drivel that their mask and jab pronouncements are about “protecting our communities,” while they gather at a ritzy soiree on an island of the "Elite."

No wonder the phrase “let them eat cake” comes to mind.

They no doubt had plenty of cake, didn’t have to pull down their masks to eat it, and enjoyed the satisfaction that many aspects of their lives fit another classic adage:

“Rules for thee, and not for me.”