Obama Tries To Utilize Coronavirus To Push Climate Change Rhetoric, Twitter Pushes Back

Dan Montanaro | April 2, 2020
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The current mantra of the left seems to be “let no good crisis go to waste”, with the most recent example being former President Barack Obama attempting to use the coronavirus pandemic to push global warming activism.

On Tuesday, Obama retweeted a Los Angeles Times article criticizing weaker fuel economy standards released by the Trump administration, drawing a parallel between failure to heed pandemic warnings and climate change, “We’ve seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can’t afford the consequences of climate denial.”

Naturally, as Twitter is home to some of the most vicious virtual lambasting ever witnessed, there were several who had something to say about the former president’s comments.

The Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro sarcastically wrote, “Sorry, we’re working on a global pandemic right now, please call back later”

Lawmaker John Dennis torched Obama, calling him “tone deaf”.

And actor Nick Searcy took a shot at Obama’s statement, saying, “Dear Dumbo, warmer temperatures slow the virus.”


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