Obama Scolds Americans For Not Cutting Carbon Emissions, Blames 'Racism, Mommy Issues'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 21, 2018
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Ever the lecturer-in-chief, former President Barack Obama blamed Americans' alleged lack of concern for the environment on "hate," "racism" and "mommy issues" during a talk at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago Monday.

“I bet right now, I could take off the shelf existing technologies, we could reduce carbon emissions by, let’s say, 30 percent," Obama said. "Without any — you know, it’s not like we’d all have to go back to caves and live off fire. We could have electricity and smartphones and all that stuff, which would buy us probably another 20, 30 years for that technological breakthrough that’s necessary. The reason we don’t do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues. You know, we are fraught with stuff.”

Except that even after tossing out Obama's ridiculous notion that "racism" and "mommy issues" keep most Americans from caring about the environment -- a ridiculous and insulting claim, at best -- Obama's assertion is simply not true at all. 

According to the data, Americans continue to lead the world in cutting CO2 emissions, even as literally every European nation who signed on to Obama's Paris Agreement have consistently failed to meet their own carbon-cutting promises. According to Forbes, the United States' carbon dioxide emissions have declined by more than 758 million metric tons since 2005, "by far the largest decline of any country in the world over that timespan and is nearly as large as the 770 million metric ton decline for the entire European Union."

Then again, it's much more expedient to simply call someone a "racist" than to actually deal with the facts.

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