Obama Repeats Discredited NYT's Claim Trump's Advisors Took Away His Twitter Account

Monica Sanchez | November 7, 2016
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President Obama campaigned for his former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in Durham, N.H., on Monday, one day before the general election.

During his remarks, Obama made his final pitch for Clinton, meanwhile criticizing her Republican rival Donald Trump as being unfit for the presidency.

“Over the weekend, his campaign took his Twitter account away from him,” said Obama, referring to a Sunday report by The New York Times that was said to be false by Trump's senior advisor.

“If your closest advisors don’t trust you to tweet, how can you trust him with the nuclear codes?” he fired. “You can’t do it.”

The crowd roared.

But, senior Trump advisor Bob Epshteyn had already denied the New York Times claim earlier in the day, declaring that “No one is taking away his Twitter. He’s his own man.”

He later echoed earlier comments on the campaign trail, warning New Hampshire voters that “the fate of our democracy” is on their shoulders.

“The fate of our democracy depends on what you do when you step into that voting booth tomorrow,” said Obama.

“Don’t dare fall for this easy cynicism,” he said.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will join the Clintons in Philadelphia Monday night for a final appearance together before Election Day. 

The First Lady will be giving a speech on behalf of the Democratic presidential nominee.