Obama Unilaterally Limits 'Restrictive Housing' (Solitary Confinement) For Inmates


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In a follow-up to his executive action banning solitary confinement for juveniles, President Obama released a memorandum directing “the heads of executive departments and agencies” to limit the use of “restrictive housing” for all inmates, regardless of age.

The obtuse title of the presidential memorandum reads: "Limiting the Use of Restrictive Housing by the Federal Government"

Wondering what “restrictive housing” is? Don't worry. We did, as well.

Basically, it is an Obama-code term for solitary confinement and other forms of restricting inmates in the federal prison population. But, isn’t the point of prison to restrict criminals?

Not, if you’re Obama.

In the memorandum, published on the White House website, Obama dictates:

In July 2015, as part of my Administration's ongoing efforts to pursue reforms that make the criminal justice system more fair and effective, I directed the Attorney General to undertake a comprehensive review of the overuse of solitary confinement across American prisons.

You know how you make the criminal justice system “more fair and effective?” Stop undermining the work of police officers across the country.

Nevertheless, Obama continues:

Given the urgency and importance of this issue, it is critical that DOJ accelerate efforts to reduce the number of Federal inmates and detainees held in restrictive housing and that Federal correctional and detention systems be models for facilities across the United States.

Let me translate that for you, folks. "I’m leaving office soon, so we need to push this process through as quickly as possible in case a Republican gets elected. It’s not the inmate's fault for their incarceration. They are just victims of circumstance."

The inmates are running the asylum.

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