Obama: I’ll Start Obeying the Law IF You Pass One I Like

Craig Bannister | November 22, 2014
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Pres. Obama said today that he will begin respecting limits on his authority once Congress passes an immigration bill he likes.

In his weekly address, entitled “Immigration Accountability Executive Action,” Obama responded to those who criticize him for exceeding his authority by issuing an executive order changing immigration law:

“As you might have heard, there are Members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better. Well, I have one answer for that: Pass a bill. The day I sign it into law, the actions I’ve taken to help solve this problem will no longer be necessary.”

So, his “one answer” to claims he lacks the authority appears to be that his actions are “necessary,” even though he doesn’t have the authority to take them.

And, if both Houses of Congress pass a bill saying that everyone who entered the country illegally must go – no “ands,” “ifs,” or “buts” – does this mean that Obama would sign, respect, and enforce it?

Obama also declared that his administration will focus enforcement on “people who are threats to our security”:

“I took those actions this week. We’re providing more resources at the border to help law enforcement personnel stop illegal crossings, and send home those who do cross over. We’ll focus enforcement resources on people who are threats to our security -- felons, not families; criminals, not children. And we’ll bring more undocumented immigrants out of the shadows so they can play by the rules, pay their full share of taxes, pass a criminal background check, and get right with the law.”

But, as the Washington Examiner points out, that does not include “drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, gun offenders.”

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