Obama: Hillary 'Doesn't Double Down on Lies That OBVIOUSLY Are Lies BECAUSE THERE'S VIDEO'

Craig Bannister | November 3, 2016
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Hillary Clinton will tell a lie only once if it’s an obvious lie or on camera, Pres. Obama said at an Ohio Democrats Early Vote Event on Tuesday. Just watch.

Obama made the troubling declaration while attempting to tout Clinton’s qualifications for president:

“But I want to talk about Hillary for a second. I saw her as my Secretary of State. I saw her in the Situation Room, making the argument to go after bin Laden even though it was risky. Tirelessly circling the globe as Secretary of State. Respected around the world. Her efforts are not always flashy and they’re not always appreciated here at home, but she made me a better President, and she didn’t ask for credit. 

“And when she was challenged, she doesn’t make things up on the spotShe doesn’t double down on lies -- that obviously are lies because there’s video.”

So, what exactly, does Obama mean here:

  • She’ll only tell an obvious lie once, but won’t “double down” on it if challenged?
  • She won’t keep repeating a lie – if “there’s video”?
  • She’ll take her time crafting a lie, not make one up “on the spot”?

Regardless of whether Pres. Obama went off-teleprompter and made this up on the spot, or simply read the words of a speechwriter, any literal interpretation of Obama’s characterization of Hillary Clinton is disturbing, to say the least.

Watch the full 48 minute YouTube video here, courtesy of Latest News Channel.