Obama Frees 56 Gun Convicts - While Calling for TOUGHER Gun Laws

Craig Bannister | August 4, 2016
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More than one in four (26.2%) of the 214 criminals freed by Pres. Obama Wednesday had firearms convictions – yet, Obama continues to push for tougher gun laws.

While blaming recent terrorist attacks on soft gun laws in the U.S., Pres. Obama commuted the sentences of 56 individuals convicted of gun charges – 16 of whom used or possessed guns while committing drug crimes.

Obama’s release of 56 gun-charge convicts more than doubles the total number of gun criminals he has freed during his time in office. Since entering the White House, Obama has now commuted the sentences of 105 criminals convicted of gun charges.

"We are not done, yet," Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates said in a statement cheering President Obama’s commutation of 214 more sentences and promising that "many more" drug dealers and firearms felons will be turned loose on the streets of America:

"Today's historic announcement is yet another step in the administration's efforts to restore proportionality to unnecessarily long drug sentences.  In just the first eight months of 2016, the President has more than doubled the number of commutations granted in all of 2015.  But we are not done yet, and we expect that many more men and women will be given a second chance through the Clemency Initiative."

Meanwhile, an American woman was killed and five others were wounded in London, which has strict gun control laws, by an attacker with a knife (the most common murder weapon in Britain).

So, if tougher gun laws are the answer, why is the president softening the firearms laws we already have on the books?