Obama Fondly Remembers Lib ‘Big Three’ Networks - New 'Information' Makes It ‘Difficult to Govern’

Eric Scheiner | March 26, 2018
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According to former President Barack Obama, the “information” people receive through the internet and television, made it hard for him to govern.

At an opinion summit in Japan this weekend, Obama lamented “information” and longingly recalled a time when the big three liberal news networks had a stranglehold on the delivery of information to Americans.

“There’s a viciousness to politics and a polarization – very sharp lines that are drawn that make it more difficult to govern,” Obama said. “And some of the reason for that is, I think because of information. It used to be in the United States that there were three television stations, basically everybody watched the same thing, everybody got there news from the same sources, so everybody more or less had a similar view of the world. But today because of, first cable television, and now the internet, people have 500 channels to choose from.”

“And they are able to find the news that fits their views instead of fitting their views to the news.”

Darn that free market and choice. It does make it difficult to control people when they have access to a variety of information.

“They are very biased in terms of how they see things.”

Somehow that’s unlike the era of the big three liberal news networks?

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