Obama Complains 'Everything's a Crisis' in Today's '24/7, Twitter-Fed' News

Monica Sanchez | March 23, 2015
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In an interview with the Huffington Post, President Obama expressed his utter exhaustion with the “24/7, Twitter-fed, constant news cycle” covering every “crisis” of his presidency.

When asked about how he manages the stress of the job, Obama said he paces himself by exercising regularly and spending time with his family. One aspect of the job that does manage to weigh him down, however, is the media. 

“I think the most important thing is to take the long view of things,” Obama said. 

“We live in such a 24-7, Twitter-fed, constant news cycle and everything’s a crisis.”

“Everything’s a crisis. Everything’s terrible. Everything is doomsday. Everything is – if it doesn’t get solved tomorrow, you know, your presidency’s going off the rails.”

According to Mr. Obama, the media needs to take a step back and look at the bigger picture – to analyze executive policies based on their long-term goals, not their short-term effects.

“There must’ve been, what? Fifteen, 20 things over the last 7 years [where] folks have said, ‘this is it, it’s over,’” said Obama.

He went on to cite the Gulf Oil Spill and the Ebola crisis as examples of disasters that his administration handled with flying colors.

“You know, we had the Gulf oil spill, worst environmental disaster in history. Everybody said, ‘Ah, he's handling this terribly.’ A year later, nobody was talking about it, and in retrospect, it turns out that we handled that as well as any environmental crisis has been handled.

Ebola – remember that?

“Obviously it's still a serious problem and we've got to get down to zero. But that was probably one of the most effective international public health responses in history, and that was led by us.

“If we hadn't acted, it would still be raging and everybody else would be at risk.”

Check out a clip of the interview below. 

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