Obama Commutes Sentence of 58 More People, Total 'More Than Last Six Presidents Combined'

Nick Kangadis | May 6, 2016
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President Obama is at it again! The man just loves releasing people from prisons, whether it be Guantanamo or your local penitentiary.

Obama commuted the sentence of 58 more inmates as part of a push to lessen the punishment for non-violent drug offenders. When looking at the list of the 58 criminals, every single person -- save for one -- that had their sentence commuted by Obama had “intent” or did “distribute” a various type of drug.

The one person who was neither a drug dealer nor had a place to manufacture drugs was charged with narcotics conspiracy.

These drug dealers and manufacturers also primarily dealt in hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. Only two of the assailants dealt with marijuana, and both of those cases also involved intent to distribute harder drugs.

Not one to miss a chance to toot his own horn, Obama wrote an op-ed piece for medium.com Thursday explaining why he continues to commute sentences of convicts. He wears it as a badge of honor.

“To date, I will have commuted 306 individual sentences, which is more than the previous six presidents combined,” Obama boasted.

Back in March, Obama commuted the sentences of 61 drug dealers, including 52 cocaine dealers, and last July he freed another 42 cocaine dealers.

Could there possibly be a reason why the previous six presidents were not as generous with their “phone and pen?” While there are people that have been in jail who absolutely deserve a second chance, why would Obama undermine judges that felt the need to give 18 out of the 58 inmates “life imprisonment?”

In the op-ed, Obama gave an example of one person whose sentence he commuted, saying that the person simply “made a mistake.”

When he was 27, Phillip (Emmert) made a mistake. He was arrested and convicted for distributing methamphetamines and received a 27-year sentence. So, by the time he was released, he’d have spent half his life behind bars.

What’s the old saying? “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

Is Obama saying that Emmert mistakenly sold drugs to people? That Emmert did not mean to do it? Or is Obama insinuating that Emmert's crime didn't warrant his going to jail?

This just feeds into Obama’s recent activity of giving criminals the benefit of the doubt and taking away more of law-abiding citizens' freedoms.

The Obama Justice Department has taken to labelling criminals as “justice-involved individuals." The administration is also imposing fines for any landlord that “discriminates” against ex-cons based on their criminal record.

Apparently, in the Obama White House, you get a pass if you commit a crime.

Obama says punishments for non-violent drug offences are too harsh. The message? There’s a future in drug dealing. Go ahead, kids!

To see the full list of people commuted, their offenses and when they will be released, click here.