Obama Blames Republicans, Gun Rights Lobbyists for Orlando Terror Attack

Monica Sanchez | June 14, 2016
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President Barack Obama delivered a statement on Tuesday in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. 

He attributed the massacre to easy access to guns, blaming Republicans and Second Amendment lobbyists for not helping to enforce or expand current gun control laws.

“We cannot prevent every tragedy,” said Obama. “But we know that, consistent with the Second Amendment, there are commonsense steps that could reduce gun violence and could reduce the lethality of somebody who intends to do other people harm.”

“Enough talking about being tough on terrorism. Actually be tough on terrorism,” he fired.

The President called for the assault weapons ban to be reinstated.

“Stop making it easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons,” said Obama. “Reinstate the assault weapons ban. Make it harder for a terrorist to use these weapons to kill us.”




He went on to criticize Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for again calling for a ban on Muslims traveling into the U.S.

“Do Republican officials actually agree with this? Because that’s not the America we want… It will make us less safe,” he argued.

Check out a video clip from his remarks below.