NZ Mass Murderer Admires China, Condemns Capitalism, Yet University Collectivists Blame… Trump

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 18, 2019
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As of this writing, fifty people have died, allegedly at the hands of an avowed collectivist after he shot them and other worshippers in two mosques on March 15, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The suspect has openly stated his embrasure of radical environmentalism, of socialism in one form or another, and his admiration for the Peoples’ Republic of China, has a fondness for occult Black Sun iconography used by the Nazis and now adopted by Nazbol (the National Bolshevik Party), and has stated that his prime influence was British national-socialist Oswald Mosley, one of the major forces behind the centralizing bureaucracy of the European Union.

Yet, the enlightened of many American universities have no trouble acting as useful idiots and blaming the ideas and rhetoric of… Donald Trump.

Dave Huber just reported for The College Fix that many leftist professors appear very eager to skip blaming the shooter, and, instead, prefer to blame Mr. Trump.

When Trump Tweeted his sympathy and best wishes to the people of New Zealand, Kingston University professor David Rogers shot back:

President Trump: your condolences sound very hollow when they come after you encouraged and condone violence by your supporters whose beliefs are similar to those expressed by one of the terrorists who also cited you as an influence.

Of course, the attacker engaged in a great deal of “trolling”, even citing Candice Owens as an influence, although she, like Trump are not fans of the EU, or of radical environmentalism, or of communist China.

But, regardless, other Ivory Tower paladins made sure to sound off before they had information, as well…

Notes Huber:

Princeton University’s Eddie Glaude appeared on MSNBC to discuss the tragedy, opining that “the problem is not with immigrants” nor with “people of color” but “the crisis of whiteness” which is generating “unimaginable carnage.” Glaude is the genius who recently claimed the Covington Catholic High School students are a symbol of “white privilege” and a “yearning” for a return to the 1950s.

Hey, Eddy, perhaps the problem isn’t whiteness, or immigrants, or people of color, or guns… Perhaps the problem is… the person who decided to kill for his ideology.

The yawn-inducing Harvard prof Lawrence Tribe made sure to chime-in, and prattle on, again, not bothering to look into the culprit's ideological ties to national socialism, radical environmentalism, and communism. Instead, just hours after the news reached the US, he Tweeted:

This mass murderer’s manifesto invoked Trump as his hero. Trump is knowingly inspiring racial hatred and violence. And he has begun linking such talk to what’ll happen if we dare to remove or replace him — even at the polls. Like the dictators he admires.

So the balance of that message was employed to tie the killings to Trump, without providing any evidence of Trump’s “knowingly” inspiring racial hatred and violence.

That’s beautiful irony, coming from a law professor.

And St. John’s University adjunct art prof, and teacher at the Teacher’s College, Columbia University, Adrienne D’Angelo offered this to a woman who Tweeted her support for Trump:

Uh, “Babe”, let’s be honest.

  1. A man just killed 49 ppl b/c Trump’s hate words & actions gave purpose
  2. New Zealand banned sales of automatic rifles within 24 hrs
  3. The White House is ground zero for white supremacist terrorism

Sowing love means tending the garden of good and evil.

Which is all wonderfully colorful nonsense.

To say that a man killed 49 (now 50) people because Trump’s words gave him purpose is not only unfair, it’s impossible to determine.

Likewise, her point about NZ gun laws is completely irrelevant. The fact is that NZ already has incredibly stringent firearms laws that require a course and a test for “Category A” arms, then require applicants for a license to endure an interview with a police officer and provide two references, one of whom cannot be a family member, and one of whom must be a licensed firearms holder. The police must also inspect the place where the owner intends to store said arms. It’s even more difficult to acquire a license for a “Category B” arm (something that must be stored at a shooting club).

Anyone wishing to own a “military style” rifle has to jump even more hoops, and own a special safe that’s inches thick to store the gun.

Given the fact that the shooter was from Australia, and had been in and out of both countries, one hopes the NZ government will cover how their gun laws failed to stop someone with murderous intent.

It’s almost as if, as the killer himself said, he had originally planned on making a bomb, but decided to use guns in order to prompt precisely the kind of response in which many on the left are currently engaging.

One cannot be certain if he could have been stopped, but one can be certain that the presence of more guns in geographic areas is closely associated with decreasing violent crime, including gun crime, and that locales that allow for greater gun ownership see decreases that appear to be closely correlated to those looser gun laws.

But let’s not discuss this logically. Let’s fall into the trap the killer set. Engage in bombastic attacks against Trump and against the right to keep and bear arms.

That will stop criminals intent on killing people.