NYU Prof. Allegedly Co-Founded Extremist Group That Caused $100K in Damage to N.Y. Transit System

Nick Kangadis | February 18, 2020
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Some people are just ignorant and hate the American way of life — the Western way of life, if you will. Yet time and time again, they claim they came to America to escape persecution, and then bash the country that gave them the free speech to run down the country that took them in. You gotta pick one. If the place you came from is so bad, then maybe you should look at your place of origin as the place pushing evil instead of trying to subvert the way people live in the country that helped you escape. Essentially, if the U.S. is such an evil place, why are you still here?

A New York University (NYU) professor that runs down the U.S., the country that took him in, while praising the homeland he escaped from — Palestine — is allegedly one of the leaders of an extremist group that reportedly caused $100,000 in damage last month to the city’s transit system.

According to the New York Post:

Amin Husain, 44, is a co-founder of Decolonize This Place, which urged its radical followers in a social media campaign to “f-ck sh-t up” on Jan. 31 in a violent assault on the city’s transit system that concluded with 13 arrests and $100,000 in damage[…]

Husain recently scrubbed most of his social media posts so exactly what role he might have played in the underground explosion is not known. Protesters called for a free transit system with “no cops” patrolling the subways. Some vandalized stations by pouring glue or honey into turnstiles to jam them up, or chaining doors open.

Husain did not return messages seeking comment. After Post inquires last week, his contact information was deleted from NYU’s web site.

Here’s a video the Decolonize This Place group posted to Twitter, calling for followers to “f*** s*** up” as part of their “F*** the Police 3” event on January 31st (WARNING: Strong Language):

Charming, aren’t they?

The 44-year-old professor, whose information has been scrubbed from the NYU website, is a supporter of the pro-Palestine BDS movement and has spoken multiple times in New York during Al-Quds Day protests.

Al-Quds Day, also known as Jerusalem Day, “is an occasion to express support for the Palestinians, although protests are generally marked by anti-Israel and anti-America slogans,” according to the Times of Israel.

Basically, all that the U.S. or Israel stand for is evil.

Here are two speeches Husain has given at previous Al-Quds Day protests:



Husain teaches activism at NYU, while his interests “focus on resistance and liberation.”

As for the Decolonize This Place extremist group that Husain is allegedly the co-founder of, the group’s website looks as if it should be on some kind of watch list. The group calls for “the abolition of prisons and police, bosses and borders,” while also claiming to fight for “indigenous insurgence, black liberation, free Palestine, free Puerto Rico, the struggles of workers and mentors, de-gentrification, migrant justice, dismantling patriarchy, and more.”

Maybe if they focused on one thing at a time, they might get closer to whatever goal they’re trying to achieve, instead of just being good at destroying property.

H/T: Daily Caller