The NYT Warns of 'Unfettered Conversations' Happening on Free Speech Apps

Brittany M. Hughes | February 17, 2021
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The New York Times is now warning of “unfettered conversations” taking place on social media apps that aren’t cracking down on free speech, complaining that people might – egads – be saying things other people don’t like with total umpunity.

In a report published – and widely mocked – Tuesday, authors Erin Griffith and Taylor Lorenz sounded the alarm over a small, by-invitation-only platform called “Clubhouse,” which lets users talk via audio in chatrooms. The app, Griffith and Lorenz lament, has “becoming a town square for debates over free speech and politics” filled with “unconstrained" and "unfettered conversations.”

“Clubhouse is also contending with rising complaints about harassment, misinformation and privacy. In one incident last month, a user promoted conspiracy theories about the coronavirus vaccines and discouraged people from getting the shots, leading to harassment of a female doctor,” the authors howl.

The internet was quick to note the NYT’s complaints of “unfettered conversations” that aren’t being monitored by leftist overlords and skimmed for anything they might not like.

The NYT's latest sackcloth and ashes routine comes amid an all-out leftist war on social media apps that promise to allow free speech without suppressing voices they don't agree with, as many conservatives have abandoned - or been kicked off - of platforms like Facebook and Twitter for daring to express opinions the Silicon Valley elites don't like.

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So there you have it, folks. From here on out, all conversations must be fettered so as to not threaten the left's control over the narrative, and to ensure we all subscribe to the same progressive groupthink.

Big Brother is watching. 

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