NYT Editorial Board Member on MSNBC: 'I'm Not Willing to Let White People Off the Hook' for Voting for Trump

Nick Kangadis | November 2, 2018
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Ugh — the New York Times (NYT) Editorial Board. It really doesn’t get much more radical than that.

A lot of you have probably heard of board member Sarah Jeong. She’s was the woman who was discovered to have posted multiple racist tweets that spoke radically about white people. But, the NYT didn’t care. They called it parody. They called it self-defense against people who were racist against Jeong.

Well, you can add another NYT Editorial Board member to the list of radical, race-baiting racists to the pantheon of “wokeness” that is the NYT.

Welcome, Mara Gay. Gay joined the editorial board in April, four months before Jeong was hired. The people at the NYT must have thought how wonderful it would be to shift even further left than they already were.

Gay was a panel guest on Wednesday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Deadline” program, where the panel was talking about the midterms and how race is playing a big role. I mean, how else can you keep racism alive and well if you don’t inject it into every conversation? That’s sarcasm, folks.

When it came time for Gay to give her two cents, she didn’t disappoint.

“I can’t disagree with that,” Gay said in response to a comment from another panel guest, “unfortunately, as sad as it is, but I’m not willing to let white voters off the hook. I think that they, like the rest of us, should be treated as adults.”

Huh? How are white people not treated as adults? And what does she mean when talking about the hook she doesn’t want to let white people off of?

Gay continued:

And I think there are a large number, I would say a majority of white Americans in this country who are not just Democrats but who are people of conscience, who are good Americans and I believe that they need to move from saying ‘Well, I don’t like his tweets, but, you know, the economy is doing okay,’ they need to move from there to reality, which is we have a white nationalist president who is a threat to American democracy. Regardless of party or policy views, you should put country over party first.

It’s pretty hilarious that Gay would say “put country over party first,” because if you look at what people like Gay typically say or write, her assertion is typically reversed in practice.

Take a look at Gay’s comments below:


MSNBC completely cut what she said out of the video of the segment they posted to their website. You can view their version of the segment here.

Even MSNBC recognized that what Gay said probably wasn’t the best thing to include in their version of events. But, it was still said. So what is MSNBC trying to hide?

At least CNN is forthcoming with their racism. We’re looking at you, Don Lemon.