NY’s Gov. Cuomo: New Gun Laws ‘Next Evolution’ In ‘Ongoing Crusade’

Eric Scheiner | January 29, 2019
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During a roundtable Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the latest set of gun laws to be passed in the state ”the next evolution in this ongoing crusade.”

At least eight measures are expected to pass the NY Assembly and Senate, including legislation to prohibit schools from allowing teachers and other school employees to carry guns in school.

"Today is the next evolution in this ongoing crusade. And it will be ongoing, “ Cuomo said.

“I don't want you to think that the job is over today because it is unfolding but it is going in the right direction,” he later added.

Cuomo said Monday his support for stringent gun control measures is so strong that he wants to see it mentioned in the first paragraph of the eulogy that will be given when he dies.

According to the Niagara Gazette:

Cuomo said he is prepared for legal challenges that could end up before the U.S. Supreme Court. But he predicted that even if his administration loses the legal fight it will be vindicated in the court of public opinion.

'We are the inverse of where Washington is,' he said in a reference to the administration of President Donald Trump. 'They are going extreme conservative and we are going progressive.'

Among the changes the measures would enact is a ban on bump stocks, a prohibition on teachers and school personnel from carrying a gun on school property and it expand the waiting period on background checks for gun buyers from three days to up to 30 days.

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