NYC Theater Features Execution of a Trump-Like Julius Caesar

Maureen Collins | June 13, 2017
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Friends, Losers, Countrymen, lend me your ears! 

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is getting a Trumpian make-over by the Public Theater in New York City. In the production, Caesar wears a suit and a comb-over, and looks a little too much like the current president. If that wasn't enough, the Roman emperor, played by Gregg Henry, gesticulates just like Trump and his wife, Caplurnia, has a slavic accent. 

And we all know what happens to Caesar in Shakespeare's classic play: he gets offed by his friends. And outrage is now bubbling up over the bloody assassination scene where the Trump-like emperor is stabbed by his council. 

Et tu, Brute? 

Delta Air Lines and Bank of America have already pulled their sponsorship of the production, which is in Central Park. Another sponsor, American Express, issued this clarifying statement: 

The right-leaning outlet Breitbart expressed their distaste with the play in an article last week, saying this is too far especially in light of comedian Kathy Griffin's fake beheading stunt last month. This morning, the Drudge Report ran this banner: 




The President's son, Eric Trump, tweeted a statement of agreement with the sponsor's decision yesterday afternoon. 

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell blasted the production, asking, "Where is the shame?"

Director of the "Shakespeare in the Park" production, Oskar Eustis, doubled down on the portrayal in a speech before the play on opening night, June 12. "When we hold the mirror up to nature," said Eustis,"often what we reveal are disturbing, upsetting, provoking things. Thank God. That's our job." 

Later, the Public Theater shared this message with theater-goers on twitter: 

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