NYC Officer Slain in Execution-Style Murder

Bryan Michalek | July 5, 2017

In tragic news, a New York City police officer was killed early Wednesday, after a gunman had approached her parked vehicle and shot her in the head.

Officer Miosotis Familia was a 12-year NYPD veteran and assigned to 46th Precinct's Anti-Crime Unit. After the shooting, she was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead at 3:37 a.m. Familia was 48-years-old and a mother of three, according to sources in her department.

Police are calling the shooting an “unprovoked attack”, which occurred on the corner of Morris Avenue and East 183 Street around 12:30 a.m. ET. James P. O’Neill, NYPD Commissioner, said the squad car was parked there as part of a new patrol route started in March to combat increasing gang activity in the area.

The shooter was identified as Alexander Bonds, 34, who was seen on surveillance video leaving a nearby bodega and putting on a hoodie moments before firing on Familia and her partner. After approaching the vehicle and firing, Bonds took off being chased by officers on foot, while Familia’s partner radioed in for help.

“Shots fired! 10-85!” and “My partner’s shot! My partner’s shot!” were the words being heard by dispatchers. The other anti-crime unit in the area caught up to bonds, and that’s when he drew a revolver, causing the officers to open fire and kill him. According to reports another bystander was also hit by a bullet but remains in stable condition.

This attack joins the growing list of police targeted shootings in the country. According to the Memorial Fund, 143 officers were killed last year, which is low by total standards but a steady increase since 2013. It was also true that nearly a third of all officers fatally shot last year died in ambush-style attacks. So far 2017 has seen 67 officer fatalities which include traffic incidents and other accidents, but gun-related deaths are up 24% since the previous year making the point that anti-law enforcement sentiment does play a role.

The shooter, Alexander Bonds, had a history of violence and anger against the NYPD and all police before the shooting took place. According to Heavy, Bonds had assaulted a police officer in 2001 with brass knuckles and wrote critical posts about police on Facebook. He also made a video critical of police while in prison titled “Mad as Hill,” which you can find on the Heavy article link posted above in the paragraph.

In a statement released today, Patrick J. Lynch, president of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association said of Familia:

[She] gave her life protecting a neighborhood that had been plagued by gang gun violence. Fully knowing the dangers that she faced, she suited up in uniform every day and stood tall against those who threaten and terrorize the good folks of the Bronx. As we mourn her death and support her family, friends, and colleagues, we ask for your help. Violence against a police officer cannot stand. When you see or hear someone making threats against NYC police officers you need to let us know, you need to be our eyes and ears.

There seems to be no end in sight, and as the number of shootings continue to grow both sides of the issue will continue to move even further back into their respective corners. This, like all the other shootings, will be another painful reminder that more good cops will lose their lives in the line of duty until we all work together to stop it.

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