NYC Migrant Madness: Schools Used To House Massive Influx

Eric Scheiner | May 16, 2023
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New York City leaders are facing criticism for reportedly housing migrants in a school gyms.

The New York Post reports that at least seven schools are closing off their school gyms to provide temporary housing for migrants.

The arrival of migrants at the MS 577 and PS 17 campus essentially means kids will now be “trapped inside” for the foreseeable future because the gym backs onto the outdoor playground, according to some parents.

City Council Member Ari Kagan told Fox News on Tuesday that he first heard about the migrant move through social media.

“This is not the way of notifying communities, elected officials, parents - you know, like I shouldn't learn it from social media,” Kagan said. “And then I was told, oh, like it's not going to be used today. So later on, if we have an influx of more people, then maybe, you know, be ready for everything, anytime, all options are on the table.”

Kagan than said he was later contacted by concerned parents and was being told the schools were already being used, despite the councilor not being notified.

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“I started to call City Hall Office of Emergency Management, and they said, Yeah, we told you so on Friday that this space could be used. And like, it's a school gym. It is not a hotel, it is not a shelter. It is a school gym. So children of Coney Island should not pay for misguided policies of Biden administration.”

City Hall says it is currently working to serve more than 65,000 asylum seekers.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams says the city is looking at 20 school gyms to possibly house migrants.


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