NYC Mayor's Partner in Anti-Violence Initiative Busted for Illegal Guns and Drugs

Ken Meekins | August 3, 2023
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What better person to have in your anti-crime initiative than a currently convicted criminal? 

The head of the anti-violence group, Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence (BRAG), which is partnering with New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) to help curb violence, was busted for illegal firearms and drugs on Tuesday

The leader, Michael Rodriguez, was found to be in possession of two illegal firearms in his house in upstate New York and is accused of supplying drugs to dealers outside of New York City. 

According to the New York Post, Rodriguez was charged with first-degree possession of a controlled substance, second-degree conspiracy and first-degree criminal possession of a weapon. 

BRAG was one of several groups listed as a partner in Mayor Adams’ anti-gun violence initiative "Blueprint to End Gun Violence," which was first published last year. 

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“The allegations of drug trafficking and gun possession against Michael Rodriguez are shocking and disturbing,” Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said in a statement on Tuesday, “especially since he has attended anti-violence events and peace marches portraying himself as someone who cares about stopping the violence in our community.” 

The New York Post also reported that the charges against Rodriguez were part of a two year investigation that resulted in arresting 14 suspects, confiscating three illegal guns and more than 1.5 kilograms of crack cocaine. 

Adams recently came out with another related initiative called the “BluePrint for Community Safety,” which allocates $500 million dollars towards ending violence. 

But of course, that plan doesn’t include an increased presence of police officers despite the city's struggle to keep police officers on the force.


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